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Product Details:

LT-R450 Shift Pin Modification Bracket

Price: $100.00


If you choose to do it after a failure then you can probably get away with re-using your broken case.

*Does not fit with 'kicker kit'


1) Drain oil

2) Drain coolant

3) Remove shift lever, remove cir-clip on gear shift shaft

4) Remove right side cover

5) Remove clutch and clutch basket

6) Remove two phillips head screws that are holding down the finger

7) Remove 6mm nut from gear shift cam plate (do not remove plate) replace with machined nut supplied from Walsh, Loctite the supplied nut

8) Slide out shift shaft

9) Remove gear shift arm stopper (pin) and washer

10) Apply Loctite to pin and install pin into the new Walsh bracket from counter bored side, without the washer

11) Re-install shift shaft (align gears centrally)

12) Install bracket over shift shaft, apply Loctite and tighten down with the screws supplied by Walsh

13) Repeat steps 1-5 in reverse

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